# Managed Service Providers

The Firewall Threat List offers a simple and effective integration with MSPs existing suite of security services, reducing complexities and requiring minimal technical set-up.

Once deployed, the Firewall Threat List keeps abreast with the ever-evolving threat landscape, providing real-time updates to maintain continuous protection from generic attacks and mass exploitation.

Being an entry-level security measure, this solution is a perfect fit for clients starting their journey in cybersecurity, enabling them to understand its crucial role in business continuity.

# Integration Options:

# Marketplace Integration for MSPs

For MSPs offering customers a marketplace for on-demand services, we provide comprehensive support for integrating the Firewall Threat List. This enables a seamless user experience while enhancing the security offerings available to your customers. However, this requires an initial investment for setup and integration.

# API-based Integration

For MSPs seeking flexibility and customization, the Firewall Threat List API provides the perfect solution. It allows the creation of unique threat lists tailored to the individual security requirements of each client.

# Tenant-based Approach

A popular choice amongst small to medium-sized MSPs is to leverage our tenant-based solution. Here, MSPs can use our web portal to create, manage, and monitor Firewall Threat Lists for each of their customers separately, providing a personalized touch to security management.