# Internet Service Providers

As an Internet Service Provider, you shoulder an extensive range of responsibilities. This includes fulfilling regulatory compliance, ensuring security, maintaining Quality of Service (QoS), and tackling the daunting task of managing infected IoT devices which result in an overwhelming amount of scanning and daily abuse reports. We comprehend the enormity of these tasks, and that's where our Firewall Threat List (FTL) comes into the picture.

Our FTL serves as a multifaceted tool that you can employ in several ways, from integrating it into the network backbone for a comprehensive filter of malicious traffic, to providing custom-tailored versions to your customers. A more rigorous FTL can be proposed to residential customers while an optimized, high-confidence version can be offered as an upsell to business clients.

# Integration Options:

# Backbone

If you're looking to integrate the Firewall Threat List into your network backbone, we can accommodate your needs by supplying a tailored list in a format of your choice. This approach allows you to provide a blanket security measure to all your customers.

# Re-distribution

For the redistribution option, we deliver an Firewall Threat List customized to your ASNs/IP ranges. This list comes complete with a minimal amount of metadata, enabling you to develop your own FTLs tailored to the unique needs of your end users.

# Self-service integration

If your ISP operations include managing customer's network equipment through protocols such as Broadband Forum's TR-069, we can assist with integrating the FTL into a customer portal as a self-service add-on. This gives your customers direct access to control and adjust their security settings, fostering customer engagement and enhancing their security experience.